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Reza is a BMW gs trophy competitor who has dedicated the last 10 years to riding across the world on his BMW GS1200. With experience of exploring South Africa, Mongolia, Thailand, Oman, Iran, Canada and Alaska Reza ensures each tour is flawlessly planned and prepared.


Reza is our Tour and training co-coordinator, ensuring that you receive world class training and touring During your stay with us. With experience in GS trophies and Qualifiers, Reza is able to assure that you are prepared and able to compete at your highest potential.


  Patrice has been a motorcycle enthusiast for the last 45 years and has travelled through more than 50 countries by bike. He became a BMW certified instructor in 2013 and was a participant on the GS trophy Canadian team in 2014,also a trial instructor trained by Mick Andrews and organiser of 4 GS Challenge finals for the Canadian team.
Motorcycles are in his blood and he can't wait to share his passion for it with you.

Patrice is our Head Coach, Offering Off road training courses to help you gain the skills you need to ride anywhere in the world.


Yasamin is our tour manager, organising all of the logistics that make our tours possible. She has spent the last 10 years touring alongside Reza. She keeps the ship sailing and makes sure everything runs smoothly from the moment you book with us, until you return home. 

Yasamin will be able to organise motorcycle shipping if you are looking to bring your own bike on the tour with you. If you need assistance with booking flights or booking the perfect tour for you, don't hesitate to get in touch. 


Joe has based his life around seeking new adventure and opportunities around the globe. With a military background  and an extensive history of expeditions and exercises Joe is Trained in Avalanche safety, wilderness survival and combat first aid. A motocross rider as a youth and then moving into the world of adventure touring, Joe has toured Indonesia, Thailand and Canada always taking the opportunity to get off road wherever possible.


Joe will be your tour leader, taking you into the wilderness, ensuring your safety and inspiring you every morning to seek out the next adventure.


Born and raised in Japan Mai moved to Canada to study education and language. A life long dancer Mai has always been interested in human movement and has spent many years teaching Pilates and Yoga with a focus on postural correction, rehabilitation and core stability for people of all ages and levels.


  • FTP Pilates floor license

  • Pilates machine trainer Diploma

  • First Aid

  • Japanese language support






As well as being a fully qualified Personal Trainer, Emily has worked in the health and wellbeing industry for several years. Her experience combining wellbeing and customer service has resulted in always striving to provide a first class guest experience, where wellness, enjoyment and adventure all come together in a seamless package. Emily will be working with you to ensure your needs are met throughout the tour, and working with the other members of the Health and Fitness Team to deliver personalised nutrition and exercise plans for all riders. 


  •  Level 3 Personal Trainer

  •  First Aid

  •  Diploma in Culinary Medicine



Shwan has a kinesiology and athletics background and focuses on the riders physical preparation and recovery.  He`s worked with a variety of athletes from rock climbers, fighters, hockey players and off-road riders.  He currently spends his time between Japan and Canada working with athletes and looking for adventure.


  • Diploma Human Kinetics

  • BCRPA certified Personal Trainer

  • TRX certified trainer

  • Athletics strength and condition coach

  • First Aid CPR