$1095 CAD


Off road Adventure Skill Builder


Are you planning your first lone expedition?

This course is designed for those who occasionally venture off road on adventure bikes but would like to feel more prepared and confident in their skills for their next tour or expedition.


After completing expeditions, training courses and competitions around the world for the last 10 years. Our head coach Reza has had the opportunity to ride with some of the best in the world and create a training plan based on the lessons he has learnt along the way.


Our coaching team will lead you through our training plan and guide you along the steps to becoming a rider capable of long distance adventure travel on any off road surface.


Our health and fitness team will be imparting knowledge of injury prevention, recovery training and endurance training. Allowing you to add this to your human toolkit when out in the wilderness. If the body remains healthy, flexible and capable your riding ability dramatically improves. These sessions are at the start and end of each training day, they are short and 100% interactive.


Day 1 Training:


  • Advanced clutch control on off road surfaces
  • Hill climb introduction and development drills
  • Navigating uneven obstacles (Boulders, Logs - Roots)
  • Taking gravel corners at speed
  • Balance and co-ordination drills
  • Restricted steering exercises


Day 2 Off road expedition day:


  • Warm up and day 1 consolidation drills
  • 200km of guided gravel and single track riding
  • En-route challenges and skill building drills














Off Road Skill Builder - Intermediate

  • 1 Night Accomodation

    1 Breakfast - 2 Lunches - 1 Evening meal

    Professional Coaching

    High energy snacks, electrolyte drinks & water

    PT led Morning warm ups

    Evening stretching and recovery classes